Olin's Depot supplies products for model railroad enthusiasts
using state of the art electronic design and production. 

The Grand Vision

We have a unified vision for seamless human and computer control of a layout, with all of our products being pieces that fit into that vision. 

A major difference between Olin's Depot and others is that we actually invite everyone to join us, end users, hobbyists, and competitors alike.  The specifications for anything we develop will always be open without hidden unpublished features used by Olin's Depot products.  Click on the link above to see what we're planning. 

If you have comments on anything we are doing or want to contribute ideas, contact us at (978) 742-9014.  If you want to develop something that fits into the system, even if it is a competing product, give us a call.  You may be able to use our firmware as a starting point, influence the specification to make sure it takes into account what you are trying to do, etc.  We actually want to see others producing successful products that all fit into the same grand plan. 


At the heart of our system is the MorBus (Model railroad Bus).  The MorBus is for controlling everything that is not rolling.  DCC does a good job for rolling stock, and the MorBus is for everything else.  A single cable includes a CAN bus and enough DC power to run most devices.  Click on the heading to go to the detailed specification. 


OC1 quad DCC occupancy detector.  $59.95 list price. 

Where to Buy

Olin's Depot does not sell product directly to end users.  Please see the list of resellers to purchase the product or inquire about pricing: 


Click here to download the latest firmware and software. 

Contact us

Call (978) 742-9014.