NOTICE:  This page provides advance information on a possible future product.  There is no guarantee when, if ever, this product will become available, what it will cost, and what it's specifications may eventually be. 

MorBus and DCC Controller with Ethernet Interface

This box combines a power supply, MorBus controller, DCC main track output, DCC test track output, DCC encoder output, and ethernet interface all in one. 

This shows the power input and ethernet RJ-45 interface.  The power input is universal, requiring only a localized line cord to work anywhere in the world. 

The white connector is the MorBus controller output.  The right two screw terminals are the DCC main track output, and the left two the DCC test track output.  The small rectangle at left provides access to the DCC encoder output, which is intended for driving additional optional DCC power stations. 

A TCP server is presented over the ethernet interface that can support up to 6 simultaneous clients.  All protocols are open and freely documented. 

Prototypes were demonstrated working at the NMRA HUB Division model railroad show on 6-7 December 2014 in Marlborough MA, and at the Amherst Model Railroad Society model railroad show on 24-25 January 2015 in West Springfield MA. 

The box was running a small portable layout in the Nashua Valley Model Railroad Association booth.  It was serving two throttles running on Android tablets, and JMRI running PanelPro showing live locations of two locomotives.  The JMRI throttle running on a Android tablet was also demonstrated.  The MorBus was connected to digital I/O boards that received signals from occupancy detectors for 11 segments. 

At the Amherst show, there was also a Tortoise switch machine connected to the DCC bus that was controlling a crossing gate, MorBus digital outputs driving the crossing gate lights, and a MorBus board controlling the six dual-solenoid switches of the layout.  Logic in JMRI used the occupancy information to control the gate and blink the lights automatically as locomotives passed by. 

Yes, this all really worked!