NOTICE:  This page provides advance information on a possible future product.  There is no guarantee when, if ever, this product will become available, what it will cost, and what it's specifications may eventually be. 

DCC Protocol Sniffer

The wire leads clip on to a DCC bus, and the left end of the device connects to a micro USB cable.  All valid DCC packets are sent to the host, which can display them in various ways. 

The DCC signals are optically-isolated from the USB. 

The USB protocol is open. A Host program to display DCC packets and provide them via a TCP server to multiple clients is included in Olin's Depot software

Prototypes were demonstrated working at the NMRA HUB Division model railroad show on 6-7 December 2014 in Marlborough MA, and at the Amherst Model Railroad Society model railroad show on 24-25 January 2015 in West Springfield MA.