NOTICE:  This page provides advance information on a possible future product.  There is no guarantee when, if ever, this product will become available, what it will cost, and what it's specifications may eventually be. 

MorBus Dual-Solenoid Switch Machine Driver

This board can drive up to 12 dual-solenoid switch machines, such as popular models from Peco.  Both the low and high current types are supported. 

Each of the reddish connectors interface to one dual-solenoid switch machine.  The center lead is common, with each outer lead connected separately to one of the two solenoids. 

Non-volatile settings control the startup state of each switch separately, which can be thrown, closed, or left as-is. 

The board is completely powered from the MorBus.  No additional power supply is required. 

A Prototype was demonstrated working at the Amherst Model Railroad Society model railroad show on 24-25 January 2015 in West Springfield MA.